Terra Patris was founded in 2000. We operate in the forestry industry, the construction equipment industry, in contract manufacturing and the leisure marine industry. We are one of the most significant manufacturers of firewood machines in the world. In addition to this we operate in contract and specialized manufacturing with strong international partners. The group yearly turnover is some 75 million euros employing around 600 people around Finland.

We Believe in the Finnish Manufacturing Industry

The Terra Patris group operates diversely in the Finnish manufacturing industry field. The group subsidiaries are Finnish manufacturing industry businesses which all share a strong growth potential, a stable economy and the prerequisites to successfully operate internationally. Although our business is strongly export-driven we always keep the subsidiaries’ operations local with their own know-how and operative planning. We are strong advocates of the Finnish manufacturing industry.

Profitable Growth

We supply our subsidiaries with the best prerequisites for further growth and profitability. Strong product portfolios, R&D investments and active sales and marketing teams enable our subsidiaries to operate profitably throughout the world. We strive to maintain growth and profitability in focus in order to continue our role as a responsible and well-esteemed employer.

Focus on International Markets

The Finnish manufacturing industry is of high quality and we believe in its growth potential. We take pride in our strong international know-how and we believe it is one of our main key success factors. Specialization, innovativeness, active sales and marketing teams and continuous innovation are important in export growth. This is our recipe in creating jobs and being a part of an economically successful Finland.